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RSVP on Your Smart-Whatever

Frictionless RSVP means accurate head counts. Hitched Up themes are beautiful, responsive websites, so it's easy for your guests to reply on any size screen.


RSVP by Text. Wait, What??!

Your website has it's own phone number. Hitched Up assigns unique numbers to each account so your guests can reply "yes" or "no" with a simple SMS.

RSVP Reminders

RSVP Email Reminders

Your guests aren't lazy. They just forgot. As the date approaches, send a friendly reminder with a link to your online RSVP for guests who still haven't replied.

Easy to personalize and beautiful.

Details, details, details. We love them.

Completely smartphone-friendly.

Responsive Design

Easy to use guest list creation.

Guest List Manager

Customizable themes.

Theme Builder

Simply everything a wedding site needs.

  • Custom Domain Routing
  • Customizable Themes
  • Web & Text RSVP
  • Custom Registries
  • Guest Accommodations
  • Google Maps & Directions
  • Photo Gallery
  • Multiple Event RSVPs
  • Guest List Spreadsheet Import

* Not yet available for beta, but on its way!

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